Rosemont Deception Of The Day: Bogus Polling


Rosemont Copper Company’s spin machine is working overtime as the company’s cash reserves dwindle ($9.8 million) and short term debt skyrockets ($83 million due July 2014).

Rosemont’s Vancouver, B.C. owners – Augusta Resource Corp. and its local supporters – are spewing forth a litany of lies and half-truths, so many that it’s impossible to wrap up in one RMT post.

For the next week, RMT will update our loyal readers (don’t forget to share the news!) on the latest Rosemont Whopper.

We lead off with a tip-of-the-hat to Green Valley News editor Dan Shearer for his column on Rosemont “proponent” John Munger.

Shearer ripped Munger for his refusal to identify a phantom pollster that supposedly came up with huge numbers of Southern Arizonans in favor of Rosemont’s proposed open pit copper mine.

Munger, spewed so much baloney that Shearer’s self-described “BS meter” was smokin hot.

Munger refused to name the pollster.

Munger refused to release the poll to the media.

Munger refused to say who was polled.

Or identify the margin of error.

“This poll isn’t accurate,” Shearer states.

In fact, it was a sham poll, proffered by a Rosemont supporter, purposely intended to mislead the public.

Which, is standard operating procedure for the speculators running Augusta.

Stay tuned!

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