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Red Kite waives loan condition and advances Augusta Resource $6 million to address endangered species review


In the wake of federal wildlife regulators’ decision to reopen studies of the proposed Rosemont copper mine’s impact on endangered species, cash-strapped Augusta Resource Corporation has obtained a $6 million loan advance and now expects final federal approvals to be … Continue reading

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A new round of endangered species review delivers potentially crippling blow to Augusta Resource’s Rosemont copper project

The discovery last month of one male ocelot near the proposed Rosemont copper mine site and new information on the impacts to other endangered species has triggered a new round of formal endangered species act consultations between federal regulatory agencies. … Continue reading

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Arizona Game & Fish Department warns Rosemont mine could pollute protected “Outstanding Arizona Waters”

The Arizona Game & Fish Department (AGFD) is sharply criticizing the Coronado National Forest’s Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Rosemont copper mine stating the Forest Service failed to adequately disclose that the mine may pollute two sensitive waterways that … Continue reading

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Jaguar critical habitat designation sets stage for federal lawsuit

Augusta Resource Corporation’s proposed Rosemont copper mine lies squarely within the 764,000 acres of  “critical habitat” recently designated for the endangered jaguar, which virtually guarantees legal action by wildlife advocates if construction of the massive open-pit mine appears imminent. It … Continue reading

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BLM warns Forest Service of Rosemont mine’s potential negative impact to Las Cienegas National Conservation Area

After years of standing quietly on the sideline in the tumultuous debate over the Rosemont copper project, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has finally weighed in and expressed serious concerns over the proposed mine’s impact on the Las Cienegas … Continue reading

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