Key Documents


Below is a list of key documents, studies and other resources related to the proposed Rosemont mine.

Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the Rosemont Copper Project – The public comment period for the DEIS ends on January 18, 2012.

Rosemont Economic Impacts – an overview of the potential negative impacts the proposed mine would have on the economy of Southern Arizona.

Rosemont_Issue_Brief – an excellent overview of the major issues surrounding the proposed Rosemont mine.

SSSR_Brochure – our organization’s general brochure, in pdf format.

Citizens_Action_handout – an overview of how you can get involved as well as important contact information for elected officials, Forest Service/USDA officials, and newspapers.


2010 Economic Study by Dr. Tom Power

The materials were specifically prepared as scoping comments in order to assist the Coronado National Forest and their associated consultants in preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Statement that incorporated a full discussion of the economic and non- market costs and benefits of the proposed Rosemont Copper Project.

Tom_Power_Report_Combined” contains five separate scoping comment papers prepared by Dr. Powers.

I. Thinking Analytically about the Local Economy and Local Economic Well Being: The Limits of the “Cattle, Cotton, and Copper” View of the Arizona Economy
II. The Economic Context in Which to Evaluate the Proposed Rosemont Mine
III. The Promises and Reality of Copper Mining
IV. Rosemont Copper’s Projections of Economic Impacts
V. Economic Values Put at Risk by the Proposed Rosemont Mine

The Mountain Empire Action Alliance also prepared a set of appendices as background material for Dr. Powers; these appendices are contains in separate individual files:

This submittal of scoping comments also includes a copy of the Powerpoint presentation “Rosemont_presentation_Tucson” given by Dr. Powers at a Tucson meeting of the Coronado National Forest – Rosemont Interdisciplinary Team, and Cooperating Agencies on June 30, 2010, and to members of the community at public meetings in Sonoita and Tucson on June 30 and July 1, 2010.

Study by Josef Marlow of the Sonoran Institute, Dec. 2007



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