KOLD-TV Rebuttal: Sheila Dagucon of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas


Save the Scenic Santa Ritas board member Sheila Dagucon on Tuesday responded to a KOLD editorial that called for quick approval of remaining permits needed to begin construction of the proposed Rosemont open pit copper mine on the Coronado National Forest south of Tucson.

In a 90-second rebuttal broadcast on July 3 and 4, Ms. Dagucon clearly laid out the case against construction of the mile wide, half-mile deep copper mine that would destroy the northeastern flank of the Santa Rita Mountains.

“It’s simply not in Southern Arizona’s best interest to allow foreign speculators to blow a massive hole in the Santa Rita Mountains, pay no royalties to Americans for the use of our public lands or for the copper they extract, take unlimited quantities of our groundwater, and then dump billions of tons of toxic mine waste into streams and valleys of the Coronado National Forest, potentially polluting the Tucson area water supply for generations to come,” she said.

The entire text and video of Ms. Dagucon’s comments can be found here.


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One Response to KOLD-TV Rebuttal: Sheila Dagucon of Save the Scenic Santa Ritas

  1. Elizabeth Murfee says:

    Brava, Sheila! You summed it up beautifully….