Rosemont candidates lose third consecutive local election


Last night’s landslide victory by Karin Uhlich in the Ward 3 Tucson city council race continues a string of defeats since 2011 for candidates supported by Rosemont Copper Company.

Democrat Uhlich won re-election with 58.4 percent of the vote in her race against Republican Ben Buehler-Garcia, who includes Rosemont Copper as one of his business consulting firm’s clients.

Buehler-Garcia told the Tucson Weekly before the election he’s not embarrassed to have received support from Rosemont executives and their allies in the community. “Why would they not support me?” Buehler-Garcia asks. “I work for them. They like me. They know I’m a business-friendly kind of guy.”

In 2012, Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll defeated Rosemont-backed candidate Sean Collins in a bitter Republican primary in a race Carroll described as a smear campaign engineered by Rosemont.

Randy Graf, a paid public relations consultant for Rosemont copper helped run Collins’ campaign. Carroll won the primary with 57 percent of the vote and was later reelected to a four-year term.

In 2011, Democrat Jonathan Rothschild defeated Rick Grinnell in Tucson’s mayoral election by 55 to 40 percent margin. Grinnell was a paid lobbyist for Rosemont and advocated for the mine during the campaign.

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3 Responses to Rosemont candidates lose third consecutive local election

  1. Thomas Stewart says:

    Good Golly Miss Miley Rosemont Mine Can Show The Environmental “Tree-Huggers” That This Is A “2014 ” Key Water Permit That Has Passed The Forest Service For Air Quality, Clean Water Act Give Rosemont Construction Of Copper The Permit Needed To Begin And Put This Company In Business That Arizona Needs Jobs Now. God Bless America And Rosemont Mine.

    • jon merritt says:

      mr stewart’s rah-rah for a toxic hole in the ground that will produce “jobs” for maybe twenty five years is typical of the willfully-ignorant,uninformed and lock-step thinking that has ruined so many of our special places. This type of damaged thinking counts ONLY money as a value: I’ve got news mr stewart: there are other values in this world that are more important than money. Too bad you’ll not understand that.

  2. jon merritt says:

    I wonder if mr stewart realizes that the jobs will last maybe 25 years and that we will be left with a toxic hole in the ground FOREVER, and the plants and wildlife that will die will never come back there and the beauty we enjoy and peace found there will also be gone. There are other values besides money and most of them are far more important. An informed opinion needs facts and thought,not reflex.