Rosemont sought non-union actors for television ad campaign


Rosemont Copper Company promises to bring hundreds of high-paying jobs that will transform southern Arizona’s economy.

But when the company had the opportunity to show its commitment to paying respectable wages for trade jobs, Rosemont showed its hand.

In April 2010, Rosemont hired Good Faith Casting in Phoenix to find two female actors for a television commercial. Good Faith’s advertisement, which was available on local theatrical websites, stated the jobs were “non-union”.

The fact that Rosemont chose to hire non-union labor is not all that surprising given the company’s refusal to commit to hiring union workers at its proposed open-pit copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountains.


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One Response to Rosemont sought non-union actors for television ad campaign

  1. Charles Easter says:

    The decision to hire non-union actors shows good business sense. Why hire someone who is over paid, slack in the work department, and will whine and walk off at the least provocation. Unions had their place in the past, and a place now, but the freedom to be in one or NOT should be EVERYONES right. There should be no Strikes possible in ANY public service Unions, or better yet NO public service Unions. I’d proudly work for a Non-Union Rosemont and if the conditions were bad, I’d leave, I will never Pay someone to tell me I cannot not work.