Update: The pending Rosemont Aquifer Protection Permit (APP)


Contrary to Rosemont Copper’s misleading representations that it has “received” an aquifer protection permit for its proposed massive copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountain’s south of Tucson, below are a couple of update items related to this yet-to-be finalized permit.

1) Last week, a diverse coalition appealed the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality’s proposal to issue this permit.  This press release from Save the Scenic Santa Ritas describes this appeal.

2) As reported elsewhere, the Pima County Board of Supervisors last week unanimously decided to also appeal the Rosemont APP.  Yesterday, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry sent this memo providing additional context on the County’s decision to appeal.  It very clearly lays out why the Rosemont APP is flawed and is a good read.

As you recall, this permit, among other things, allows Rosemont to pollute area groundwater supplies with mercury, arsenic, lead and other dangerous contaminants for at least two years after operations begin.

Stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Update: The pending Rosemont Aquifer Protection Permit (APP)

  1. Juliana says:

    My understanding is that the application was flawed and incomplete due to the Mine proponents leaving out very important, vital information that denoted the actual measurement of these pollutants that the Rosemont Mine process would pour into the groundwater and allow to seep into the aquifer. In fact this cannot be properly predicted and is likely to be so large a quantity that if it WERE to be mentioned in the application–those overseeing the process of allowance would dismiss it out of hand as an untenable level of poison and would say NO. Therefore the application fails to be a full disclosure and as such fails on a technical.

    Further we know now that the Mine Proponents have broken laws in the way they have been seeking capitol outlays of money to support their misbegotten project. They are not in compliance with Federal or State laws .

    These guys have tried to fool the authorities on all counts and their time of reckoning is very very near.

  2. Catherine Coke says:

    The focus must continue on water, pollution and general quality of life. The open pit mine proposed by Rosemont and Augusta accomplishes none of this.